Terrylynn’s seed bank is far more than a “collection”- it truly is a bank- a vast and varied stockpile of the most ancient strains of food-bearing plants that still exist in with their original, organic, natural genetics. Seed reserves like the one she propagates and protects are more important now than ever. The GMO seeds used in large scale commercial farming are far removed from any naturally occurring seed. And now the industry uses what they call terminator seeds. They’ll grow the first year, but the seeds that you pull off of those plants are sterile- they won’t grow. It’s how GMO companies like Monsanto make sure that farmers come back the next year to buy more. Filling the planet with seeds that are programmed to die- Its insanity- it makes for healthy profits, but it doesn’t make for healthy foods. And that doesn’t make for healthy people. Protecting the integrity of the ancient strains- the old seeds. The real food. That’s really important work.

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